Anonymous asked:
Do you use lines when you draw or is it that magical talent of putting colors together resulting a picture?

hahaha no anon I do draw a sketch before coloring then it can go two ways:

I) I start blocking with flat colors UNDER THE SKETCH, color the lines and then start rendering




2) or I start rendering directly OVER the SKETCH


45 minute study
09.09.14 /19:27/ 38


a bunch of 15-20 minutes studies

trying different styles and Crystal suggested Isaak (he belongs to her) it was a nice exercise 
08.15.14 /01:36/ 42

a very quick tutorial about how I color/draw nails quickly 

Anonymous asked:
How did you end up drawing the male body the way you do now? From where did you learn it? Or was it also self taught?

It was self taught, plenty of anatomy books, but! references help a lot, really, to see where muscles are and how bones move, etc

MysteryOC meme with cccrystalclear 

he was incredibly fun to draw

the adorable thing is that she drew a tree lady (tree maiden) and I drew a bird without knowing

Canvas  by  andbamnan