trying different styles and Crystal suggested Isaak (he belongs to her) it was a nice exercise 
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a very quick tutorial about how I color/draw nails quickly 

Anonymous asked:
How did you end up drawing the male body the way you do now? From where did you learn it? Or was it also self taught?

It was self taught, plenty of anatomy books, but! references help a lot, really, to see where muscles are and how bones move, etc

MysteryOC meme with cccrystalclear 

he was incredibly fun to draw

the adorable thing is that she drew a tree lady (tree maiden) and I drew a bird without knowing

Anonymous asked:
How long did it take you to sketch the way you do now?

I am not sure how to reply to this anon, let’s see… hmmm I’ve been drawing since I was little, but took it seriously until I was 14-15, you know, learning anatomy mostly.

I kept a ‘consistent’ style from then until I was 21-22 when I started to work with digital tools, such as PS and it was then when I  saw a huge improvement, also my style changed, I tried to work with a more realistic style.

So I wouldn’t know how long it took me, there were gaps of time where I didn’t see any improvement but to be fair I didn’t practice much, so I guess, and this is approximately, around 5 years with my current style. 

Canvas  by  andbamnan