All ducere's fault. 
Joint idea after talking about the song “Nothing left to say" by Imagine Dragons.

In the dim light and eyes still feeling heavy with sleep; Denmark doesn’t see himself.
He sees his father.


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Anonymous asked:
¿Hablas español? ¡Qué sorpresa! Quería preguntar...¿por qué tu URL es 'ducere' ? ¿Se refiere al verbo en latín 'conducir, guiar', o es por alguna otra razón...? Por cierto, te respeto muchísimo como artista, además de que eres una gran inspiración :3

hola! si, soy mexicana, por costumbre ya sabes, uno contesta todo en inglés aquí!,

Si, mi url se refiere al verbo latín conducir, guiar, pero no empezó tal cual. Hará unos mhm…. 12 años, mientras leía un libro me topé con varias frases, entre ellas spiritum ducere:  to lead the breath = to go on living/live, to draw breath . Y ese fue por varios años mi nick, al tiempo lo dejé en Ducere.  En el libro, la frase es usada para referirse a alguien al cual tratan de traer de la muerte,y en ese tiempo necesitaba un recordatorio constante, y este me pareció uno bueno, fuerte, adecuado. No sabría muy bien como explicarlo, spiritum ducere, inhalar la vida, que soy lo suficientemente fuerte para inhalar la vida de vuelta en mí

Anonymous asked:
how the hell did you become friends with talented people like ducere


I kidnapped her cat, sold her soul to satan and then sacrificed my own soul to seal the contract.

Coffee,  you’re satan, that doesn’t count.

and mhm anon, we artists are humans, and no special snowflakes, you want to befriend us? go ahead and talk to us. It applies the same principle when it comes to befriending people in general. We connect with some people and we don’t with others, but you can start by talking to us? we don’t want to be intimidating, we’re people. 

Coffee is a great person, and a dear friend, but art had nothing to do with us becoming friends. we’re people that befriended each other like usually people does, If I remember we started talking about something random!. try talking about an interest in common?. She writes fics and I love them, and I draw, and we both love some characters in common, and we were in the hetalia fandom, but as time goes like in any other friendship you find other things to share, that simple.

Also I’m shy as fuck! I give my friends here the credit because I’d live in a shell, but feel free to drop a message, we don’t bite.

and yes I sold my soul to her as well, but oh well… 

doodle dump 


here, a little tutorial of a trick I learnt no long ago, it helps when it comes to shadowing and coloring faces. I hope it’s clear D:

grimelius replied to your post:

three troublemakers getting into trouble. XD it’s great, I really like it.

thank you! they B( really gave me troubles!

not creepy as I wanted (actually turned out kind of cute….), but eh it was a good practice
reference used
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sketch dump, kinda, because only four pftt

first two, old oooooooold ocs

third one, summarizing the Simarillion aka Melkor, no (Crystal said that she imagined that Melkor was playing metal at the beginning of times and I agree) and Daddy didn’t agree D: (I will draw something properly soon 8D)

last one idk

Someone asked what I do with the line art

To be honest I find a bit difficult to work with a line art, so I usually work directly over the sketch.

the process can be summarize in:

  1. sketch
  2. once happy with sketch blocking 
    2.5. color your sketch. I work on PS so: go to your sketch layer and lock your transparent pixels  (the first icon there, this can be found in your layers window) then color (in the same layer)
  3. flatten image -flat colors and lineart- (don’t include background)
  4. color over the flattened image -this can be either in the same layer or by adding another layer over it - with a soft brush
  5. render render render render
  6. add details
  7. add filters, additional lights, etc

So this is basically what I do with the ‘line art’ and my coloring process 

Canvas  by  andbamnan